The Best Playgrounds – Brooklin, Ontario

Looking for the the best playgrounds in Brooklin, Ontario?! You’ve come to the right place! Brooklin, a small community at the north end of Whitby, Ontario, has several super fun playgrounds that kids will love. As usual, we have personally visited each of these playgrounds and would recommend them to our own family and friends!

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Duggan Park

Duggan Park - one of the best playgrounds - Brooklin Ontario

Location: Duggan Ave and Underwood Dr – South of Winchester Rd and West of Anderson St (South of Michael Kelly’s Restaurant)

Duggan Park is a hidden gem in Brooklin. This playground features a really unique and exciting climbing feature alongside some of the more usual playground features like swings, slides and climbers. We also love that this playground is newer and a bit more modern than some of the others on our list. It’s slightly off the beaten Brooklin path because of its location south of Winchester. We love combining a stop at this playground with a walk along the John Hulley Trail (located just behind the Luther Vipond Brooklin Memorial Arena!)

Pinecone Park

Pinecone Park Playground, Brooklin, Ontario

Location: 281 Cachet Blvd, Whitby, ON L1M 2M1

Pinecone Park, located east of Thickson, is a great little playground for toddlers and big kids alike. The littlest ones will love the toddler sized climbing structure with stairs and a small slide, the large sand-play area, baby swings and banging on the drums! Bigger kids will enjoy the climbing features, big kid swings and games of grounders!

Cachet Park

Cachet Park Playground - Brooklin, Ontario

Location: Cachet Blvd in between Carnwith Rd and Blackfriar Ave

Just a few minutes south of Pinecone Park is another great playground in Cachet Park! This Brooklin park features not only a super fun playground with big kid and little kid areas, but also a big, covered gazebo, pathways, baseball diamond, and a splash pad in the summer!

Carson Park

Carson Park Playground - Brooklin, Ontario

Location: 55 Carson Ave, Whitby, ON L1M 1J6

Carson Park is home to the newest and most modern playground in Brooklin. There are so many things to love about this playground. Some of our favourites are the large inclusive spinner, the dinosaur skeleton for climbing, inclusive swings and of course the selection of great slides!

Optimist Park

Optimist Park Playground - Brooklin, Ontario

Location: Watford St and Cassels Rd E

Optimist Park is home to another great Brooklin playground. In addition to the typical playground features like swings and climbers, we also love that this park has a really long, cool, bouncy balance beam and big tarps/sheets to provide shady seating areas. Like several of the other Brooklin parks, Optimist Park also has a baseball diamond and paths beside the playground.

Know of any other kids’ Parks and Playgrounds in Brooklin that deserve to be on our list?! Let us know about them!

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