The Best Playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario

If you’re looking for some amazing playgrounds in Whitby, look no further. We’ve rounded up the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario, including a couple of brand new playgrounds that were highly anticipated (opened in summer 2023). Our list includes playgrounds with accessible flooring, massive climbing structures, exciting slides, and plenty of sand and water features! If you’re on the hunt for amazing parks for kids in Whitby, look no further, you’ve come to the right place!

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Lynde Creek Park

Brand New Playground at Lynde Creek Park - one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario

Location: 125 Coronation Rd, Whitby, ON L1N 9Y8

Lynde Creek Park is home to one of Whitby’s brand new playgrounds. This park is accessible and is jam packed with unique and exciting features. Some of our favourite features include the accessible carousel, bamboo jungle climbing poles, and sand play area with troughs and pumps. There is also a super cute flower and butterfly themed splash pad beside the playground!

Pringle Creek Park

Pringle Creek Park, one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario
Pringle Creek Park

LOCATION: 90 Ribblesdale Dr (Rossland Rd and Garden St)

Pringle Creek Park is home to one of the more unique playgrounds in Whitby. The playground features a smaller play structure for preschoolers and a taller structure with exciting climbing features for bigger kids. There are several swings including an inclusive swing, a sand pit, and several really unique interactive panels. There are also many giant musical instruments. And, there are bathrooms located directly beside the playground!

Willowbrook Park

Willowbrook Park, one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario
Willowbrook Park

LOCATION: 198-208 Willowbrook Dr (Taunton Rd and Brock St)

The playground at Willowbrook Park features several great slides, including a triple slide where several kids can ride side-by-side! There is a smaller toddler structure, swings, a climbing net, monkey bars and some interesting climbing features. There are no bathrooms at this park, but there is a port-a-potty beside the playground.

Baycliffe Park

Baycliffe Park, one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario
Baycliffe Park

LOCATION: Baycliffe Dr and Twin Streams Rd (Taunton Rd and Hwy 412)

A list of the best playgrounds in Whitby could not be complete without including the beloved Rocket Ship Playground at Baycliffe Park. The most exciting feature at this playground is the giant rocket-shaped climber with two huge tube slides. We also love the variety of other slides, teeter-totter and smaller play structure for little kids. Beside the playground is a small sand pit and a great little splash pad. There are unfortunately no bathrooms located at this park.

Country Lane Park

Country Lane Park - Whitby Playground
Country Lane Park

LOCATION: 3145 Country Ln, Whitby, ON L1P 0A4

Country Lane Park is a delightful Whitby playground that is packed with tons of fun features. There are two structures at the park – one larger structure with a racing slide and a smaller structure for preschoolers. My kids’ favourite features were the big spinner, the sand pit and the cute lemonade stand. The playground also has musical instruments, swings, balance beams and smaller climbing features.

Darren Park

Darren Park, one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario
Darren Park

LOCATION : 75 Darren Ave (Taunton Rd and Thickson Rd)

The playground at Darren Park is a bit older compared to some of the other playgrounds on our list, but it definitely has some exciting features that we haven’t seen at other Whitby playgrounds. One of the most fun features at Darren Park is the interactive water feature in the sand pit area. kids can push the button and get water from the tap, which makes for some great messy mud play that kept my kids engaged for an hour! We also love the canoe, teeter totter, two inclusive swings and the splash pad located right beside the playground!

Carson Park

Carson Park - one of the best playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario
Carson Park

LOCATION: 55 Carson Ave, Brooklin (Thickson and Winchester)

Carson Park is easily one of the best playgrounds in Brooklin. There are two great climbing structures with several slides, lots of swings (baby, big kid and inclusive swings), an inclusive spinner and a dinosaur fossil climber. There are no bathrooms at this park, but there is a port-a-potty next to the playground.

Know of other great playgrounds in Whitby, Ontario? We’d love to hear from you!

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