10 Walks & Hikes for Kids near Vancouver, BC

Looking for an amazing walk or hike for kids near Vancouver?! There are so many amazing kid friendly trails in the Vancouver area, it is definitely a paradise for outdoorsy families. During our 2.5 years living in BC’s lower mainland, our kids were quite young (3 kids under the age of 5), so we spent a lot of time seeking out trails that were easy, yet still engaging for our little explorers.

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All of the trails listed below have exciting features like boardwalks, bridges and access to water play (creeks or beaches) that help to keep toddlers and little kids motivated throughout the walk. Many are also stroller friendly. So without further ado, here is our list of 10 of our favourite hikes for kids near Vancouver, BC, all of which we have personally tested out with our young kids!

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park is the perfect place for a hike with toddlers or little kids. The park is an approximately 30 minute drive from Vancouver. It features stunning old growth forests, stunning ocean views, access to secluded beaches and a chance to check out a historic light house. The main path from the parking lot to the light house is wide and smooth, so it is stroller friendly. This route is also quite manageable for little legs at just under 2km out and back. There are also many other trails within the park that are not stroller friendly if you are looking for more of an adventure!

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Children look out from the viewpoint at Lighthouse Park, one of the best hikes for kids near Vancouver, BC.
Views of the Lighthouse and Burrard Inlet at Lighthouse Park

Capilano River Regional Park, North Vancouver

Capilano River Regional Park is an incredibly family friendly park, with trails that are great for all ages and stages. The park is an approximately 20 minute drive from Vancouver. It features lush west coast forest, a salmon hatchery, and views of the impressive Cleveland Dam.

This is our favourite place to hike with toddlers and young kids. The route we love most is to start at the Capilano River Hatchery and hike the short 500m Second Canyon Viewpoint Trail (1km out and back). This route features a beautiful bridge over the river, lots of small creeks to splash in and ends at a stunning viewpoint at the bottom of the Cleveland Dam!

For more about this park and hike, see our detailed post!

Child looks out from the viewpoint at Capilano River Regional Park, one of the best hikes for kids near Vancouver, BC.
Second Canyon Viewpoint in Capilano River Regional Park

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge & Twin Falls Trail, North Vancouver

The Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is a stunning and exciting spot to hike with toddlers & young kids. Lynn Canyon is located an approximately 25 drive from Vancouver. The suspension bridge is located just a few minutes walk from the parking lot, but to turn this into a hike, we typically carry on along the Twin Falls Trail (approx 1.5 km round trip). To access this trail, cross the suspension bridge and turn right. The trail features boardwalks, stairs, river and waterfall views, and a second bridge to get back across the river. Be warned that there are a significant amount of stairs along this route, so it is advisable to bring a carrier for young toddlers.

Children on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, BC.
Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge on a Rainy Day

Lower Gold Creek Falls Trail, Maple Ridge

Lower Falls Trail, located in Golden Ears Provincial Park is a popular and beautiful trail for families. The trailhead is located approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes from Vancouver. The 5.5km trail is wide and groomed, making it stroller friendly all the way to the lower falls viewpoint. It also provides stunning views of the forest & mountains, access to Gold Creek for some super fun water play & a waterfall viewpoint at the end of the trail. For a little more adventure, families can hike an additional 500m up to check out the blue-green pool at the top of the falls! Note that the hike up to the pool is NOT stroller friendly.

Beautiful views along the Lower Gold Creek Falls Trail in Golden Ears Provincial Park.
Views along Lower Falls Trail

Kanaka Creek Regional Park, Maple Ridge

Kanaka Creek Regional Park is another amazing place near Vancouver to hike with young kids. The park is approximately a 1 hour drive from Vancouver and is home to an easy 4 km trail. At one end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall (Cliff Falls) and at the other end is a hatchery where you can see baby salmon in troughs and ponds. The trail itself follows alongside Kanaka Creek and takes you over top of several beautiful bridges. My kids love to stop and play in the creek along the trail. There are many stairs along this route, so unfortunately it is not stroller friendly. We typically park in the lot at Cliff Park. There is a playground at the park, which is a great place to play at the end of the hike.

A Child plays in the creek in Kanaka Creek Regional Park, one of the best place to hikes with kids near Vancouver, BC.
Exploring at Kanaka Creek Regional Park

Steelhead Falls Trail, Mission

Steelhead Falls Trail in Mission is a kid friendly trail that leads to a beautiful waterfall. It is located approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Vancouver and the trail is about 2km round trip. The trail takes hikers through a beautiful forest, over bridges and lovely creeks. Much of the trail could be completed with a trail/jogging stroller, however there are stairs to reach the actual waterfall at the end of the hike. To access the trail, park at the Hayward Lake Reservoir Trailhead.

Children run along the trail to Steelhead Falls in Mission BC.
Beautiful Forest Path to Steelhead Falls

Burns Bog Nature Reserve, Delta

Burns Bog Nature Reserve is an amazing hike for toddlers and little kids just a short 30 minute drive from Vancouver. This 2.5 km stroller-friendly trail features beautiful raised boardwalks throughout the bog and forest. There is a gentle creek in the park where we spotted ducks and tadpoles. The trail also provides opportunities to see unique plants like skunk cabbage. We also loved learning about the history and ecology of Burns Bog from the plaques throughout the trail. To access the Burns Bog Nature Reserve, we parked at Planet Ice and then followed the trail under the Hwy 91 overpass. After the overpass stay to the left and follow the dirt/gravel trail.

Children stand on the boardwalk in Burns Bog Nature Reserve in Delta, BC.
Boardwalk in Burns Bog Nature Reserve

Campbell Valley Regional Park, Langley

Campbell Valley Regional Park is approximately one hour from Vancouver. There are many beautiful trails in the park. The one we love most is the Little River Loop Trail, which is a 2.3 km stroller friendly route. There are several long boardwalks and bridges across the river and marsh. One of the highlights of this trail is the wildlife. If you bring bird seed there are tons of ducks to feed and some of the smaller birds will even eat right out of your hands.

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Child walks along the boardwalk in Campbell Valley Regional Park, one of the best hikes for toddlers and kids near Vancouver, BC.
Boardwalk along Little River Loop Trail

Mill Lake Park, Abbotsford

Mill Lake Park is just over an hour from Vancouver and is an amazing spot for a walk with toddlers & little kids. The park is home to an approximately 2 km paved path around a beautiful little lake. Since the path is paved and relatively flat, it is perfect for strollers, scooters and balance bikes! There are THREE amazing playgrounds along the loop path as well as a splash pad and outdoor pool during the summer months! There is a beautiful boardwalk and bridge over a marshy area of the lake. And, there are tons of opportunities to spot ducks, geese and other wetland wildlife (squirrels, frogs, etc). There are also plenty of bathrooms, picnic tables and benches along the path., making this a great place to spend a day outdoors with the whole family!

Children walk and bike to a viewpoint at Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford, BC.
Viewpoint at Mill Lake Park

Bridal Veil Falls, Bridal Falls

This is by far one of the BEST hikes for kids near Vancouver, BC. Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park is about a 90 minute drive from Vancouver. The trail to the falls is short at just over 1 km out and back. It follows along a creek and there are many opportunities to splash and play in the water along the route. The trail is uneven with many routes along the way, so it better to bring a carrier for small children than a stroller. The trail ends at a viewpoint at the bottom of the stunning Bridal Veil Falls . Note that there is a seasonal closure in winter so be sure to check that the park is open before making the trip.

Children stand at the foot of Bridal Veil Falls in Bridal Falls Provincial Park in BC.
Bridal Veil Falls

There are soooo many family friendly trails in the Vancouver area. Do you have another favourite hike for kids near Vancouver that’s not on our list?! We would love to hear from you!

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