The Top 10 Stroller Friendly Walks in South Surrey & White Rock, BC

The South Surrey & White Rock area of BC are blessed with many amazing stroller friendly trails. Below is a list of our top 10 favourite stroller friendly walks in the area. We have personally tried each and every one of these routes. Not only are these paths suitable for walks with a stroller, they also provide many fun features for little ones to enjoy along the way…. AND beautiful views for the grown ups!

1) Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach in South Surrey. There is an easy, gravel path that runs the length of the beach – approximately 2.7km out and back. This is one of our favourite stroller friendly walks in South Surrey. The views along the path are stunning & this is also a super fun spot for toddlers as the beach provides tons of great spots to stop and let the kids play! We also love this walk because there are several great places to stop for lunch, a hot drink or a delicious treat (like ice cream)! There are bathrooms at either end of the path, making this a great spot to walk with those potty-training toddlers & preschoolers.

Crescent Beach is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For more information about Crescent Beach, click here.

If you’re looking for a longer walk, combine this path with the nature trails in Blackie Spit – see below!

2) Blackie Spit Park

Blackie Spit Park is located at the Northern tip of Crescent Beach. It is home to a packed gravel nature trail that totals about 5km. Blackie Spit Park is an amazing place to spot wildlife & to take in amazing views of Mud Bay & the North Shore mountains. We regularly see eagles, herons & ducks on our walks! Combined with the pathway that runs along Crescent Beach, this area provides a great opportunity for a long stroller friendly walk in South Surrey.

Blackie Spit is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For more information about Blackie Spit Park, click here.

3) Crescent Park

Crescent Park is a lovely spot to head out for a stroller friendly walk in South Surrey. The nature trail, which is approximately 3 – 3.5 km in length, runs through a mature forest. There are two playgrounds, bathrooms, a picnic area & several sports fields located within the park. But my kids’ absolute favourite part of this walk is the beautiful pond located right in the middle of the park. They love to spot turtles, ducks, and bugs in the pond. I find this route to be a bit short & easy if I am just pushing the baby in a stroller. But, the pond & playgrounds make Crescent Park a really fun walk with preschoolers & young kids.

Crescent Park is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For more information about Crescent Park, click here.

4) Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is a stunning, lush forest located in the heart of South Surrey, BC. It has a packed dirt pathway running throughout the park, which is approximately 4 km long. The forest is home to all kinds of wildlife including bunnies, squirrels, deer, birds & coyotes. My kids’ favourite part of our walks in this park is the wooden boardwalk on the Wally Ross Trail. And, what I love most about walking in Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest, is the feeling of being totally immersed in nature even though we are still right in the middle of South Surrey.

Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For a trail map and detailed information about Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest, click here.

5) White Rock Beach Promenade & Pier

The path along White Rock Beach is paved and easily accessible for all types of strollers. The promenade is approximately 4.4km out and back. The pier is roughly in the middle of the promenade and is about 50 metres long. It is a great place to get beautiful views out over the ocean & is an especially amazing place to take in the stunning White Rock sunsets. The best part about this walk is the numerous restaurants that line Marine Drive, which runs parallel to the promenade. Our absolute favourite restaurant along the strip is Uli’s, but there are also many places to get delicious fish and chips take out and treats, like ice cream & mini donuts!

White Rock Promenade is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For more information about the White Rock promenade & pier, click here.

6) Redwood Park

Redwood Park is one of our favourite spots in South Surrey. There are stroller friendly nature trails that total about 5km in length. The trails, which are mostly packed dirt, run through a beautiful forest full of huge, majestic trees. There is an amazing playground right near the parking lot, which is full of fun features that keep my kids busy for hours (for more details & photos of the playground, click here). There are also bathrooms & picnic shelters right near the playground. But our absolute favourite part of Redwood Park is the fairy forest that has been created within the trees. To reach the fairy forest, head straight out along the path from the parking lot, in between the picnic areas, with the playground on your right. Once you reach the tree house, turn right and follow the trail until you see the fairy forest on your right.

The Fairy Forest in Redwood Park is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.
Redwood Park is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

For more information about Redwood Park, click here.

7) Campbell Valley Regional Park

Campbell Valley Regional Park is not technically in South Surrey, but it is just a short drive east into the south end of Langley. And, it is well worth the drive out of town! Campbell Valley Regional Park is absolutely one of the best stroller friendly walks in the South Surrey area. We like to follow the Little River Loop Trail, which is 2.3km long.

Although this route is great for strollers, I have a hard time keeping my kids in the stroller because there are just too many exciting things for them to do! The Little River Loop route takes you along a packed gravel/dirt trail through a beautiful, moss-covered forest. My kids love to climb trees and splash through puddles the whole way through the forest.

The trail also crosses several long boardwalks over the river & wetlands.

But, probably the most exciting part of this walk for little kids (and, let’s face it, for adults too) is the chance to get up close to many species of birds. In fact, if you bring bird seed with you, it is often possible to have the birds feed right out of your hands!

Photo Credit to L’s amazing teachers for capturing this moment!!

For more information about Campbell Valley Regional Park, click here.

8) Mud Bay Park

Mud Bay Park boasts beautiful views out over Boundary Bay. It is an important habitat for shorebirds & waterfowl, and a great place to spot marine wildlife like seals. The packed gravel loop trail is approximately 2.5 km long & is an amazing spot to take a stroller friendly walk in South Surrey. For a longer walk, this loop trail can be combined with the dyke trail, which heads west into delta. During the late Spring & early summer months, this is also a great spot to take little ones for a bike ride. The trail is relatively flat & wide, making it great for beginners. Note that between Oct 15 and Apr 15, dogs & bikes are not permitted on the trails in order to protect the sensitive shorebird habitat.

For more information about Mud Bay Park, click here.

9) Semiahmoo Trail

Semiahmoo Trail runs from the corner of Crescent Rd and 144 St (beside Elgin School) & heads southeast all the way to 151A just north of 20th Ave (just behind the Dairy Queen on 152). The trail is mostly flat and made of packed dirt/gravel, though there is also one section in the middle that is actually a quiet, paved road. The trail runs through wooded areas behind the houses in South Surrey’s neighbourhoods. There are many ponds, creeks & small parks along the trail. It is a very peaceful stroll & is great because you can make the walk as long or short as you like since it connects to so many other pathways & roads along the way.

Semiahmoo Trail is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

In total, the trail is nearly 4km in length. One of our favourite routes is to enter the trail at the corner of 148 St & 28 Ave. We head northwest until we reach Elgin School. Then we head northeast on Crescent Rd & loop around via Winter Crescent Park, which is one of my toddlers’ favourite playgrounds! He gets a chance to get out and stretch his legs, and I get a great work out on this roughly 5-6km route (depending which way you choose to head back between the Playground & the trail).

For more information about Semiahmoo Trail, click here.

10) Elgin Heritage Park

Elgin Heritage Park is a great spot for not only a stroller friendly walk in South Surrey, but also a toddler friendly one! We recently visited Elgin Heritage Park for the first time and Elliott (2 years old) had an amazing time! We parked in the lot at the West end of the park and walked the loop around the marsh and along the Nicomekl River. The trail is flat and made of packed gravel. There is also a beautiful board walk across the marsh.

Elgin Heritage Park is one of the best stroller friendly walks in South Surrey, BC.

There were many species of birds along the route, including ducks, eagles & red-winged blackbirds to name a few. Elliott absolutely loved watching them. He also loved spotting the boats & rowers out on the river. Elgin Heritage Park is also home to the Stewart Historic Farm, which is located beside the eastern parking lot. There are picnic areas and bathrooms in the park, making it a great place to bring a toddler for a mini nature adventure.

For more information about Elgin Heritage Park, click here.

Know of another amazing stroller friendly trail in the South Surrey area?! We would love to hear from you!

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