Where to Find Zipline Swings in Canada

Zipline swings are right up at the top of our list of the coolest pieces of playground equipment. We’ve only come across a handful of them throughout Canada. In fact, we only know of four parks across the country where you can play on one of these super fun playground features!

So what is a zipline swing you ask?! These are actually more like rollercoaster swings. Kids pull the swing up a ramp then hop on and ride down a twisting, turning track. They are loads of fun, as the swing flies out from side to side as you ride each curve in the track!

So on to the important part… where in Canada can you ride a zipline swing?! Here are the four locations we’ve discovered (so far!) …

Brydon Park, Langley, BC

Zipline swing at Brydon Park in Langley, British Columbia

While living in nearby Surrey, this playground quickly became one of our faves! The zipline swing at Brydon park captured our hearts right from our first visit. Kids pull the swing up one ramp, then ride a curved track around to a second ramp at the other end. The swing is a bit tough to pull up the ramp, but it’s the perfect chance for littles to practice cooperation …we definitely witnessed tons of kids working together and taking turns to ride this awesome feature!

The Brydon Park playground also has a tandem (multi-generation) swing, toddler climber, small carousel, and big kid climber! It’s one of MANY amazing playgrounds in Langley, BC!!

Location: 198 st and, 53 Ave, Langley, BC V3A 1G1

Yellowhead County Park, Marlboro, Alberta

Thanks to Edmonton Playgrounds for contributing this park!!

Zipline Swing at Yellowhead County Park in Marlboro, Alberta

We at Edmonton Playgrounds think the Marlboro Playground is THE BEST playground in Alberta – for one big reason – the Zipline Swing! Marlboro is about three-hours west of Edmonton, and is located just off highway 16, making it the perfect pit-stop playground on a drive to Jasper. In addition to the Zipline Swing, this playground features a climbing tower with two awesome slides, spinners and swings (3 standard, 1 baby and 1 saucer). There’s a beautiful fire pit area for picnics, an outhouse for the aforementioned pit-stops, and a full asphalt pump track, so bring the bikes! 

Location: 21 Ave & 12 St, Marlboro, Alberta

GECo Park, Scarborough, Ontario

Zipline Swing at GECo Park in Scarborough, Ontario

GECo Park in Scarborough is home to the only zipline swing in Ontario (that we know of)! This small neighbourhood park packs a ton of fun into a few exciting features. The zipline swing itself is a large round track where kids fly from the platform, around in a circle and back up onto the platform. Alongside the zipline swing there’s also a small carousel, a really fun climbing structure and a small natural play area with ropes and rocks to climb!

Location: 100 Cleanside Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 0C9

Bridgedale Park, Riverview, New Brunswick

Thanks to Pickle Planet for contributing this park!

Zipline Swing at Bridgedale Park in Riverview, New Brunswick

Riverview is a great little town next to the Petitcodiac River, across from Moncton, in Southeastern New Brunswick. The town has a lot of great little playgrounds (check out Pickle Planet for more), including the Bridgedale Playground with its incredible circular zip line.

Bridgedale Playground is on a former school property, so there’s parking & it’s away from the road, which is always a bonus. There’s a basketball court, a baseball field, and a picnic shelter, as well as a swing set with an accessible seat, a parent/baby swing, and one of the big saucer swings so many kids love. There are lots of invitations to climb and explore, with the main attraction of course being the zip line. You need to take a good running start to keep up momentum, so be prepared for some hands-on help to have the kids really enjoy this thrill!

PS: If ziplines are REALLY your thing, be sure to plan a visit to Cape Enrage – about an hour’s drive from the Bridgedale Playground. They have a 183 metre (that’s 600 feet!) zip line that offers incredible views of the Bay of Fundy, where you’ll find the highest tides in the world. (This is a paid activity and not for the littles, as there is a minimum weight restriction.) Kids not quite ready for that level of ziplining just yet? No worries; Cape Enrage is still a neat spot to explore AND you can get a kid-friendly fix of zip lining just a few minutes more down the road at Fundy National Park’s playground!

Location: 50 Vernon Avenue, Riverview, NB

Do you know of any other playgrounds with zipline swings in Canada?! If so we would love to hear about them!!


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