The Best York Region Playgrounds

Looking for the best playgrounds in York Region?! You’ve come to the right place! We’ve found some outstanding parks and playgrounds in Markham, Richmond Hill and Aurora that we know your kids will love! We have personally visited each of these playgrounds and would absolutely recommend them to our own family and friends. So without further ado, here’s our list of the best York Region Playgrounds!

Boxgrove Community Park – Markham, ON

The Boxgrove Community Park playground in Markham is one of the newest and most exciting playgrounds in York Region (in our humble opinion). This playground has a big climbing structure with a tall slide that is connected to a network of accessible ramps and several smaller slides. There is an adorable little playhouse and car-shaped rocker for toddlers, soft/accessible flooring, lots of swings, a super fun teeter-totter and a second, unique climber for big kids.

We also love that the playground is located beside a sport arena – perfect for playing soccer, basketball or ball hockey – as well as a splash pad, a small skate park and soccer fields!

Location: 346 Box Grove By-pass, Markham, ON L6B 1A8 – this is the address of the parking lot – from here, cross the small bridge and the soccer field to reach the playground, which is actually located beside Pagnello Ct.

Rouge Crest Park – Richmond Hill, ON

Ok, this is definitely the most unique playground in York Region. The play structure at Rouge Crest Park in Richmond Hill is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And we have visited MANY playgrounds all over Canada. This play structure consists of ramps, climbing nets, and holes that kids can scurry up and down. My kids went crazy for this climber!

This Richmond Hill playground also has a smaller toddler structure with a small slide, accessible flooring and lots of swings! We also love that it is located beside a sports arena, soccer field and paved walking paths!

Location: 147 Rothbury Rd, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 2P6

Lake Wilcox Park – Richmond Hill, ON

The playground at Lake Wilcox in Richmond Hill has a cute forest theme. There is a It is located beside a beautiful green picnic space and you’ll have great views of the small lake as you push your kids on the swings. We also love the beautiful boardwalk along the lake and that this playground is located beside a very cute splash pad!

Location: 55 Olde Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3C8

David Hamilton Park – Richmond Hill, ON

The playground at David Hamilton Park is another unique one since it is one of very few (if not the only!) natural wood playgrounds in York Region. We love the beautiful and unique wooden climbing features as well as the unique combination of wood chips and soft rubber flooring. We also love that this playground is beside a beautiful splash pad and a sports arena!

Location: 311 Valleymede Dr, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2E1

Snakes and Ladders Park – Richmond Hill, ON

This is yet another very unique York Region playground! As its name suggests, Snakes & Ladders Park features a life-sized version of the classic board game! Kids make their way along a numbered path by ‘rolling’ huge life-sized dice. As they move along the path, they encounter real-life ‘snakes & ladders’ in the form of slides, ziplines, stairs and climbers! We’ve never seen anything like this park and love how engaging it is for kids!

Location: Mancini Cres, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3P7

Copland Park – Aurora, ON

Copland Park is home to one of the most epic playgrounds in York Region. This Aurora playground features two massive climbing structures with several huge, twisty slides, connected by a bridge. There is also a smaller structure for toddlers, a rope climbing web, swings and a super fun inclusive spinner!

Location: Aurora Heights Drive, Aurora, ON L4G 5E9

Do you know of any other amazing or unique York Region playgrounds?! If so, please share them with us in the comments, or send us a message!

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