Easy Pump Tracks for Little Kids in Surrey, BC

Looking for an easy spot for your toddler or beginning rider to practice riding their bike?! We’ve got you covered with this short, but sweet list of easy pump tracks for little kids in Surrey, BC!

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Cloverdale Athletic Park

Got a toddler/beginning rider?! Or maybe a more advanced/older child who’s looking for a new challenge? The bike park at Cloverdale Athletic Park has something for everyone!

The Cloverdale Athletic Park bike area features an easy beginner dirt track where we spent most of our time, a more challenging dirt track with much larger rollers, wooden ramps & teeter totters as well as a paved area with rollers & jumps.

There is also a playground & many sports fields located within the park.

Child riding on a an easy pump track for toddlers and little kids in Surrey, BC, located at Cloverdale Athletic Park.

Location: The bike park is located at the north end of the Cloverdale Athletic park. It can be accessed by parking in the north lot, off 64 Ave near the Surrey United Soccer Club building.

Fun Fun Park

This is the cutest little pump track for those beginning riders! Located just behind the playground at Fun Fun Park in South Surrey, this little pump track is made of packed dirt and features a short but sweet little circuit for beginners.

The circuit is made up of some small rollers and a few banked turns. Beside this main circuit is an even smaller little circuit for the tiniest of riders.

Child riding her bike at the toddler friendly pump track in Fun Fun Park in South Surrey, BC.
Easy pump track for toddlers and beginner riders at Fun Fun Park in South Surrey BC.

Location: Fun Fun Park, 1472 128th St, Surrey, BC V4A 3X6

Panorama Park

Panorama Park in Surrey offers another perfect little pump track for toddlers & beginning riders! It is a short, easy track with just a few small rollers and simple turns. There is also a small playground beside the track.

Children ride their bikes at the toddler pump track in Panorama Park in Surrey, BC.

Location: Panorama Park is located at 60th Ave and 128 St in Surrey. We found parking a bit tricky, but managed to find space just off of 129a St.

Know of any other pump tracks for little kids in Surrey, BC? We would love to hear from you!

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