The Best Playgrounds in South Surrey and White Rock, BC

There are many amazing playgrounds in South Surrey, BC. We’ve found our favourite ones & shared them here! These are all playgrounds in South Surrey that we have personally visited (on many occasions!) and that we would recommend to our friends and family. If you’re looking for things to do with kids in South Surrey, any of these playgrounds are a great option for spending a morning getting some fresh air!

The Best Playgrounds in South Surrey , BC

Edgewood Park

This is a BRAND NEW playground in South Surrey! Edgewood Park is not only beautiful, but also full of tons of unique & exciting features! We absolutely love the slides built right into the hillside, the big boulders for climbing, the super smooth zip line and of course, the stand-up teeter totter! There are also lots of swings, a natural wood climbing structure & a paved path, which makes a great place for kids to practice riding their bikes & scooters!

Edgewood Park is one of the best playgrounds in South Surrey. Pictured are the hillside slide, stand-up teeter totter, natural wood climbing structure and boulders for climbing.

A couple of important things to note: Since the playground is so new (just opened in early July 2021) there are currently no bathrooms within the park, though it looks like they will be added in the future. As well, due to the construction still happening in and around the park, street parking is the only option at the moment.

Edgewood Park is located at: 2284 165 St, Surrey BC.

For more information about Edgewood Park, click here.

Redwood Park

Redwood Park has hands down one of the best playgrounds in South Surrey. The are two play structures. One is a small structure with a short slide that is easy and safe for the littlest climbers. Attached to the structure is a big long wooden ramp, which makes it accessible for children in wheelchairs and also provides a super fun place for toddlers to RUN their little hearts out! The other is a tall structure with a very fast and exciting slide for the bigger kids. The playground also features a saucer swing, teeter totter, sand pit with digger toys, and a large climbing carousel.

Redwood Park has one of the best playgrounds in South Surrey, BC

In addition to its fun features, this playground is also great for toddlers because of its location. The playground is set far back from the parking lot and even further away from busy roads. It is at the entrance to Redwood Park’s beautiful, stroller-friendly walking trails and just a quick 5 minute walk to a unique & magical Fairy Forest. There is also a beautiful, covered picnic area & bathrooms located right next to the playground.

Redwood Park is located at: 17900 20 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2

For more information about Redwood Park, click here.

Blumsen Park

Our family loves Blumsen Park! The playground is located in the Rosemary Heights neighbourhood in South Surrey and there is something for everyone here. Lennon (5 years old) loves to scramble to the top of the climbing web. Adelaide (3 years old) loves the swings & the teeter totter. And our littlest, Elliott (2 years old) loves both the short slide & the tall one – he’s able to independently get to the top of each one, which makes it especially fun!

All three of our kids also enjoy the small wooded area beside the playground. There are a few rough trails through the trees and the kids love to run through them, climb them & play hide & seek in them.

The only drawback to this park is that there are no bathrooms, so if you’re in that potty-training stage, it’s best to plan for a shorter visit.

Blumsen Park is located at: 15473 34 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 0G4

For more information about Blumsen Park, click here.

Bakerview Playground

If your littles have bigger siblings, this is a great park to keep them all entertained. There are some really unique and interesting features on the big kid play structure. There are several different types of monkey bars as well as challenging ladders & rock walls to get to the top. While your big kids are staying busy on the bigger structure, your toddler will enjoy the smaller structure. It has stairs that are easy to climb and smaller slides that are just the right height for little ones. There are also some smaller teeter totters, a big sandpit with digger toys, swings & vehicle themed spring riders.

Bakerview Park is located at: 1845 154 St, Surrey, BC V4A 5J8

For more information about Bakerview Playground, click here.

Generations Playground in White Rock

This list could absolutely not be complete without the Generations Playground. This is probably THE best playground in the South Surrey area. The park is huge and full of tons of amazing, unique features. Our favourites are the zipline, the accessible zipline bucket swing, and the face-to-face swing. The park has a big, beautiful climbing structure with several different sizes and types of slides. There is also a climbing carousel, large accessible teeter totter and several pieces of musical equipment.

The playground has washrooms right beside it. It is also located right beside the beautiful trails in Ruth Johnson Park.

The only downside of this park is that it is fairly close to a busy road and is not fully fenced. If, like me, you have a toddler who thinks it is funny to run away from mommy and toward danger, make sure to keep a close watch!

Generations Playground is located at: 14600 North Bluff Rd, White Rock, BC V4B 2V1

For more information about the Generations Playground, click here.

Dufferin Park

Dufferin Park is located just a couple of minutes from the US border. It has some really cute, unique features that make it one of my kids’ favourite playgrounds in South Surrey. My two youngest kids (ages 2 and 3 years old) love to play ‘store’ and ‘restaurant’ games in the miniature ‘Duty Free’ shop. They also love pretending to drive the toddler sized train and car.

There’s also lots for older kids to love. There are two climbing structures, each with their own slide, which are connected by a rope bridge. There are lots of swings for both toddlers and big kids, including a saucer swing. Another feature that we love about this park is the paved pathway that wraps around the large soccer field. It is perfect for toddlers & beginner big kids to practice their scooter & bike skills!

There are no bathrooms with running water available at the park, but there is a porta-potty located near the parking lot for emergencies!

Dufferin Park is located at: 17355 2 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 9P9

For more information about Dufferin Park, click here.

Do you have another playground in South Surrey or White Rock, BC that you recommend? We would love to hear from you!

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