The Best Playgrounds in Surrey & Delta, BC

Looking for a fun new playground to try?! We’ve got you covered with this list of the best playgrounds in Surrey & Delta, BC! The list includes everything from the huge accessible playground in Surrey, to natural playgrounds to the beachside playground in Delta. As always, we have tested each of these playgrounds personally and chosen them because my own kids love them!

Unwin Park

A list of the best playgrounds in Surrey could not be complete without mentioning this park! Unwin Park playground is HUGE and full of so many beautiful & exciting features. There is an accessible carousel, unique climbing tower, toddler climbing structure, giant musical instruments, a face-to-face swing and a variety of slides, including a roller slide.

In the summer there is a spray park & pool beside the playground. There are also bathrooms, sports fields and pathways within the park.

Child playing on a slide at Unwin Park, one of the best playgrounds in Surrey, BC.

Address: 13313 68 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2E8

For more information about Unwin Park Playground, click here.

Edgewood Park

Edgewood Park is one of the newest playgrounds in Surrey. This South Surrey playground just opened in June 2021 and it is so fun!! The playground has 2 slides built into the hillside (one tall, one shorter), a long zipline, unique stand-up teeter-totter and a cute playhouse for toddlers. There are also a variety of bouncers, spinners and swings.

Child bouncing on the stand up teeter totter at Edgewood Park Playground in Surrey BC.

Address: 165 St and 22Ave, South Surrey

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Bose Forest Park

The playground at Bose Forest Park in Cloverdale is a beautiful, natural play area. It is made mainly of wood and has two tall slides, rope & wood/chain bridges, a saucer swing, and wooden playhouse. There is also a stroller-friendly, 1.5km trail located within the park, which loops through the forest and alongside a small creek. This is one of the most beautiful, yet quiet playgrounds in Surrey… you might say it’s a bit of a hidden gem!

Child playing on the wooden climbing structure at Bose Forest Park in Cloverdale, Surrey, BC.

Address: 6203 164 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3V9

Bear Creek Park

The playground at Bear Creek Park is huge and has distinct areas for younger and older children. Little ones will enjoy the large toddler climber with stairs and slides as well as the car climber. For older children, there is a network of climbing features, tall, challenging climbing tower and tall slide. There is also a rope-climber carousel, teeter-totters and saucer swings. Within Bear Creek Park there are also many walking paths, a splash pad, miniature golf, and miniature train rides!

Climbing features at the Bear Creek Playground in Surrey, British Columbia.

Address: 13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3L1

TE Scott Park

This nature-themed playground has many unique features that are tons of fun for big and little kids. There are tall, tree-shaped climbing polls, a raised sand box, log-shaped tunnels, swings, a tall slide, toddler slide and tons of unique climbing features. This is not one of the most flashy playgrounds in Surrey, but we think it has a ton of play value.

Nature-inspired features at the TE Scott Playground in Surrey, BC.

Address: 7014 148 St, Surrey, BC V3S 0Y9

Annieville Lions Park

There is a beautiful, natural playground at Annieville Lions Park and this might just be our favourite playground in Delta, BC. The park is made of mainly natural materials. There are many different wooden climbing structures, slides, a small merry-go-round and unique bouncy bridges to run across. In the summer, there is also a super fun, fenced splash pad beside the playground.

Natural, wooden climbing structure at Annieville Lions Park Playground in Delta, BC.

Address: 9150 112 St, Delta, BC

Memorial Park

Memorial Park in Delta has not just one, but TWO fenced playgrounds! And 3 playgrounds in total! All are within eye sight of one another.

Playground 1 is made of natural materials and surrounded by a wooden fence. Playground 2 is for bigger kids. It includes more challenging climbing features and steeper, taller slides. Playground 3 is another fenced toddler playground, with teeter-totters, bouncers and gravel ground cover.

Natural, wooden climbing structure at one of three playgrounds in Delta, BC's Memorial Park.
Natural Wood Climber at Memorial Park Playground 1
Climber and slides at one of three playgrounds in Memorial Park in Delta, BC.
Taller Climbing Structure and Slides at Memorial Park Playground 2
Toddler climbing structure at this fenced playground in Delta, BC.
Fenced Toddler Climber at Memorial Park Playground 3

Memorial park also features a splash park for summertime, a bike skills ‘track’ for little riders, picnic tables and a picnic shelter, bathrooms and sports fields.

Address: 5010 47 Ave, Delta, BC

Centennial Beach Playground

Centennial Beach Playground in Delta is a huge one, with many accessible features. There is a huge structure made up of interconnected ramps, climbing features and slides. There is also a giant rope climbing web, short zipline and swings. But the best part of this playground is the view – It is set right beside the beautiful Centennial Beach on Boundary Bay!

Centennial Park, one of the best playgrounds in Delta, BC.

Address: Boundary Bay Regional Park, 6b Ave and 66a St, Delta, BC

Know of other great playgrounds in Surrey, BC? Or another great playground in Delta, BC? We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Exploring the best playgrounds in Surrey & Delta, BC, was a delight for children and adults alike. We were thrilled to discover vibrant and imaginative play areas with innovative structures and interactive features. The ample space to run and play allowed for endless hours of laughter and fun. It also created cherished family memories.

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